Get ready to witness history in the making as Paris gears up to host the much-awaited Summer Olympics from July 26 to August 11, 2024.

As the host city, Paris prepares to welcome athletes and spectators alike to its iconic venues, promising an unforgettable celebration of international sport.

The Games, officially known as Paris 2024, mark a historic moment as athletes from around the globe converge in the City of Light, ready to showcase their talent and passion on this prestigious stage.”

From historic location to famous Monuments, the city of light will put on quite a show. Here’s where to catch it

There will be no shortage of iconic views of Paris at the Olympics in August. From the palaces of Versailles to the Place de la Concorde, organizers have made sure that the city of light’s most famous landmarks will take center stage during the Olympics.

Here is a look at the most iconic spots that will host the competition:-

  1. Eiffel tower

La Dame de Fer ( The Iron Lady ) Need no introduction and is still going strong at 135 yrs old Men’s and women’s volley ball players will compete by this 330 meter behemoth. They will be watched on by 13,000 fans at the temporary Eiffel Tower Stadium.

2. Palace of Versailles

Once the residence of French royalty, the chateau is one of the most popular tourist spots in Paris. King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette held lavish banquets here before the French Revolution brought their reign to a gruesome end.

Come August, equestrian riders will gallop at the heart of the palace’s gardens while modern pentathlon events will also take place here.

3. Hotel de Ville

The imposing-looking city Hall, which has been around since 1357, has a massive façade stretching high wide, giving off a golden hue when lights are switched on at night having stood the test of time, it seems rather fitting to start the marathon from its paved forecourt.

4. La Concorde

La Concorde paris OlyMPIC VENUE

The idea to transport imposing obelisks to paris came about around the 19th Century during Napoleon’s military campaign in Egypt. This summer ,Break Dancer, BMX freestylers,3 on 3 basketballers and skate Boarders will share the attention at this famous venues

5. Les Invalides

Les Invalides

Hotel des Invalides houses Napoleon’s tomb and is a haven for military enthusiasts. The landmark has a giant golden dome standing at 107 meters and is covered with nearly 13 kilograms of gold. Perhaps fittingly, giving its military feel, Olympic archers will set their sights here.

6. Trocadero

The Trocadero is where hordes of kilt-wearing Scottish Soccer fans congregated at the 1998 world cup, singing “we’re the famous Tartan Army” as the drank and danced. It should offer a great vantage point for watching triathlon road cycling, marathon and race walking events.

7. Grand Palais

The palaces with its green-tinged glass roof was built for the paris universal Exhibition in 1900. more than 6000 Tonnes of steel were used to build the nave. Taekwondo and Fencing Fans will get to watch events here.

8. Bercy Arena       

The 20,000 seater indoor arena has witnessed great drama over the years, from the Davis Cup finals to the Paris Masters. It has also hosted NBA games and international handball matches.

Madonna and Johnny Hallyday have also held concerts here. Located a stone’s throw from France’s Finance Ministry, it will host artistic Gymnastics, Basketball and Trampoline events.

9. Stade de France

French soccer great Zinedine Zidane etched his name in history when he scored two goals in the 1998 World Cup final against Brazil at the then-newly constructed 80,000 capacity stadium.

Over the years, it has hosted track and field world championships and many international soccer and rugby games. This year, it will hold athletics competitions on a new-look purple track and rugby sevens.

10. La Defense Arena

Situated near a vibrant business hub 11 kilometers northwest of central paris, the boat-shaped areana has hosted seminars and club ruby matches  of Racing 92 since 2017. Now it will host Olympic swimming thanks to its multi-purpose structure. The arena’s façade is made up of aluminium and glass scales and looks impressive when lit up at night.

11. Stade Yues-du-Manoir

The stadium is located the northwest suburb of colombes and links the city’s Olympic past and its present. In 1924, it was the main venue for the paris games. Today it’s  far more low-key, Hosting field hockey matches this time around.

Whether it’s the thrill of track and field, the grace of gymnastics, or the intensity of team sports, the Games promise to inspire and unite us all.

Let’s join hands in celebrating this extraordinary event that transcends borders and brings the world together in the spirit of sportsmanship and achievement.

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